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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  August 7, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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. good morning, the skies were lit up over night. the warning remains in effect. fighting crime through social media. the special unit that's put people behind bars. good morning, welcome to the morning on two, i'm claw keen -- claudine wong in for pam cook. >> i'm brian flores. did you see them, just like that. hundreds of lightning strikes lit up the sky overnight. this is video from a photographer shot in holster. a few rain drops but the biggest risk is the fire danger. a red flag warning has been
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issued. here's a look from san jose. planes are taking off from the airport, there's one right there. close. lightning strikes in the distance. a lot of the viewers are showing their photos our facebook page. these are a few of the dozens we've received. head to our facebook peak and share them with us. -- facebook page. >> yesterday we said hopefully get the rain and not the lightning. >> a little bit of rain and a lot of lightning. >> nice of you to drop by being in the neighborhood. >> getting coffee and decided to hang around. >> we have the system moving in, a light rain, most of the show was last night as the system continued to push offered to the east. it's cooler, the breeze has
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picked up. humid yesterday, the cloud cover came in, started in the south bay and it is rotating around, generally speaking it's on the way to the east and to the north, it doesn't mean we're done, there's our low, this had more going for it. moving to the south of us. we'll be on the drier side late morning and early afternoon. 50 on some of the temps. the breeze nonexistant at travis. cloudy the mostly cloudy, the system is moving through, cloudy morning, some rain, i think by noon, 1:00 we'll be on the western edge, 70s and 80s. good morning, happy friday to you. the traffic is not bad, starting off at the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see
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traffic is moving well. no major problems coming through and traffic continues to move well into the city. interstate 8088 -- 880, westbound 580 there's roadwork between fruit yale and any 80 -- 980 interchange. it looks good to peninsula, 101 on 80. let's go back to the desk. some of the bay area's hiking trails are off limits because of try -- dry lightning strikes. the areas include crystal springs reservoir and san
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andreas reservoir. mt. tam is closed. smoking and charcoal fires are not allowed because of the fire danger. the worst of the rocky fire may be over. highways 20 and 16 will be reopening. officials held a community meeting to update residents about the fire. it is 45% contained. >> we're not out of this thing yet, we're working hard to get the fire contained and everybody back into their homes. >> residents we're told that an assistant center will open to help them get back on their feet, officials say scammerring target people when they need to help the most. governor brown said
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californians should spent -- expect more fires if the drought continues. he added he's not just worried about this one fire season. his greatest concern is climate change. >> we've had drought in the past but not with this elevated temperature. we have more dryness, less moisture and more devastating fires. >> he's going on look into the possibility of providing fire insurance for people in fire zone. it would be similar to earthquake insurance. as expected donald trump headlined the debate between republican presidential candidates. he's defending his previous comments about illegal emigration. >> our leaders are stupid, our
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politicians are stupid be the mexican government are smarter, they send the bad ones over because they don't want them. >> the 10 candidates on the stage fielded questions about health care, education, gay marriage and terrorism. >> as president would you bring back water boarding. >> we've gotten into a mind-set of fighting politically correct war, there's no such thing. >> coming up, we'll have a live report from cleveland with more highlights of the debate including a dust up between chris christie and rand paul. there was a watch party last night and more than a hundred turned up. with such a large number of candidates the debate was a great opportunity to see them together, watch them and notice
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how they interact. >> the way they speak, how they interact with each other. it was important. >> i like rand paul's ideology, rubio was impressive. they look forward to the next debate. san francisco came up during the debate. a question submitted asked if they would support case law drafted in response to the death of kate steinle. >> i tried to get the senate to vote to pass kate's law one week ago and the leader of our party blocked a vote on kate's law. >> the man accused of the shooting kate steinle is an undocumented immigrant who was deboarded -- deported five
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times. >> we're learning that one of two men accused of raping and beating a southern california woman to death was in the country illegally and on probation. they are accused of breaking into the home of 64-year-old marilyn faris. she was raped and beaten with a hammer. ramirez is from mexico and has been arrested four times. 51-year-old michelle started living as a woman in a state prison in the 90s. a judge ordered the state to pay for her surgery.
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if brown grants parole she may not get the surgery. san francisco police have a new inthat exam officer. it includes par following -- patrolling instagram. posting something online is like giving it to the public and officers can use the pictures or video as evidence against you in court. criminals get more tech savvy they need to do the same. >> the outside lands music first val opens food -- festival opens today. organizers say tickets sold out in 45 minutes. despite the exempt -- excitement of the show people living in the area are less than thrills. >> it's like the airport, like a drop off and pick up zone and
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the tenant ups can't leave their garages and can't coming -- come back. >> 10s of thousands are expected to attend the festival, muni will be running extra buses and trains. for a look at what's happening this weekend. go to under the weekend watch tab of our home page. it's it's almost time to go back to school. sacred heart will giveaway 3,000 backpacks. all the families set to receive a backpack were registered last month. to give away starts at 8:00 this morning and supported by community donations and volunteers. doctors told a 5-year-old
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girl she has a few years before she will go blind. she's created a visual bucket list. what she will see before losing her sight. >> the illness a child contracted while visiting yosemite. the morning commute is looking good. we'll tell you more coming up. just another piece of the whacky summer, rain, humidity, thunder lightning, what about today?
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. france is expanding the search for debris for flight 370. planes started flying over the waters near the watter -- where the wing was found. there's disagreement between france and mill asia over the release of information. a high school graduate is being treated for serious injuries after she fell. she fell 10 feet and tumbled 20
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to 30 feet off the trail. a member of the search and rescue was hiking nearby and made a makeshift harness to keep her from sliding further. she is attending the university of organ. i'm an investigation is underway at yosemite national park after a child contracted the plague. the child had been camping at the crane flat campground. the child was hospitalized and is recovering. it is spread by fleas and rodents. the last time the plague was reported in california was in 2006. an ohio family created a buck it list so her daughter could see the world before she goes blind. she has an illness that will
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cause her to lose her vision in the next five years. when the turkish airline heard about it offered a trip to anywhere. they chose rome. >> that makes me sad. but glad shows seeing rome. the time is 4:16. let's head out to sal. happy friday. >> happy friday. watch this. brian, it's so good to see you. >> that's cool. >> it's great being here. people make a big deal out of claudine. happy friday dude. good morning everybody.
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see. let's look at what we have. highway 24 westbound looks good. no major problems. i want to mention there's roadwork on 580 westbound, several lanes are closed. chp has a big presence. by bridge toll plaza looks good. highway 101 looks good all the way to san mateo. let's go to steve. >> you drinking expresso this morning? >> we did have quite a show, it will continue through maybe the early morning. i think last night was the main impact. we don't want the lightning. we had plenty of that. remember tell me where you took
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that picture from. i need to know where you took it from. look at this, i see it, but where. >> red flag warning, dry lightning, and cloud to ground. we had rain from remains of hurricane blanca from june 10th. it's been that kind of summer. it is taking most of the instability with it. there's light rain around, most of it looks to be in the valley toward stockton, tracy and manteca. for this time of the year really nice, it continues to swing in. the dry air will get on the back of it. 50s and 60, it is cooler this morning. firefighters, the temperature 60s for most. humidity is up, cloud cover,
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50s, 39%, 60s on the temps. there's more of a breeze, yesterday it was nonexistant. it was hot and humid. combination of the low clouds, the lightning is moving east, maybe a little bit left. generally cloudy to mostly cloudy. we'll see decreasing threat of that. it's cooler, breezy at times. 80s on the temp. 60s and 70s, a nice rebound in the temps. wednesday and thursday the first rain from the north may come in say around mt. shasta, interesting next tuesday, wednesday. not from the south, from the north. which is unusual for august. that will be a cool pattern. and people, tell steve where you took the photos from.
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>> it helps. >> you should just know. [ chuckle ] >> bay area. tesla has unveiled the flexible auto charger. it moves out from the wall and connects to the car. when it launches it will work with every model s on the road. it could be installed on the super charger stations around the country. >> interesting. no human help at all. >> hopefully it works correctly. time for:28. a san francisco woman fights back. her social media post that start a movement. >> what a big name football coach did to raise awareness about animal cruelty.
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mr. chris issac, san francisco days traffic jams, there is requested by i think it was linda simpson. the theme is san francisco and outside, in a nod to outside
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lands. doesn't have to be a song from the lineup. we'll take your request on facebook, twitter, hashtag ktvu and we'll see if we can play it. we get a lot of requests. let's go back to the desk. a thought provoking post from a san francisco woman has exploded on social media. after appearing in an ad for the tech company she works for she received sexist comments. she posted a photo that said i look like an engineer. this has been reached by people in more countries that i can count. everyone has their own experiences. i think this campaign is addressing a greater amount issue that wouldn't be heard by
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people if they didn't feel the same way. >> you can hear more of the interview in the 8:00 hour. john -- jon stewart has signed off from the daily show, good-bye, or good night, i'm going to go get a drink, i'm sure i'll see you guys before i leave. >> he ended his 16 year run as host of the daily show last night. he took off the hosting chair in nane 99 -- 999. i'm going to miss him. buffalo bills head coach rex ryan took one for the team, it was for the society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. check out that face. the flavor couldn't have been
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that bad. he demonstrated the support for the group and he was eating dog biscuits. he was challenged to eat them to make it for the challenge. >> i have two dogs, my wife has two cats. when i was challenged i was more than happy to do it. >> he looks okay. he was happy to chow down on a dog treat. he never realized they were 5 calories, whatever a serving is in dog biscuits. the spca got inventive for the debate. trump your dog and trump your cat. you can tell by the pictures on how you trump your animal.
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all you need is blonde hair and you can put it on your pet's hair and share it on social media. it was inspired an account that was trump your cat. really? you may have seen them, hundreds of lightning strikes overnight. the warning that's issued because of them.
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hundreds of lightning strikes it will up the sky last night. with the lightning came a few rain drops but the biggest risk
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is of course fire danger. a red flag warning has been issued through 11:00 this morning. >> the elevated fire danger is forcing the closure of popular hiking areas across the bay area. those include crystal springs reservoir. mount tam will reopen once the red flag warning is lifted. >> we expect to hear from cal fire with the update of the size of the rocky fire. the 70,000-acre fire is 45% contained. governor brown says he's trying to find aid for those that lost their homes in that fire. more than 100 buildings have been destroyed or damaged including 43 homes. >> all right. so at 5:30 let's head on over to steve paulson. we have changes throughout the day and more changes on the way. the weekend looks pretty good. more changes only a different source. today we still have our system that is moving inland. but still the


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